Inside Inspo Vol. 2 – with Leah Douglas

Inside Inspo Vol. 2 – with Leah Douglas

Junior Copywriter Leah Douglas’ “Inside Inspo” is a bi-monthly dive into sites that are a source of inspiration for McCanners

For Volume 2 of “Inside Inspo,” I picked the brains of Art Directors Mikey Harmon and Matt Zimmerman.

These sites are packed with visual stimulation, photographers, designers and much-needed randomness. All you McCanners wanting a delightful distraction, scroll please.


Anyone looking for fresh photographer meat or mood board motifs? Eva Zar is a New York-based artist and student at Parsons School of Design. Her work oozes feminism, pastel-goth, rawness and realness. Check her out, it won’t disappoint.


On the opposite end of the visual spectrum, New York-based photographer Nicholas Alan Cope’s work takes a more serious, monochromatic, deep and eerie tone. If you’re wanting more macabre, check out “Putesco” or “Still Life.”


If you’re Amazon Prime obsessed, all I can say is, I’m sorry. Canopy is all the best parts of Amazon, in one place. Bye-bye paycheck.


For the love of color, check out Norah Stone. This young designer has a unique and vibrant style worth checking out. And you might have seen it plastered all over NYC for the MTV Video Music Awards.


Want to waste 5 minutes? Obsessed with gifs? See Hear Party is a gif-based music visualizer. It pulls gifs from Giphy, music from Soundcloud and generates a montage that is synchronized to the beat of the music. V cool.


If you need a new Insta account to spice up your feed and are A-okay with the visually strange, this one’s for you.


Don’t judge a website by it’s design! The content is awesome. It’s a curation of clickable content and stories from all over the web. Bookmark Bar approved.


Can I get a color palette? Super helpful for making color schemes.


Tired of Getty and Shutterstock? Sign up for the Death To The Stock Photo newsletter and get a monthly roundup of royalty free and non-stocky photos. They offer free design templates, packs and helpful actions. Writers can also sign up for their Writers List and get a prompt in their inbox every week. It’s a great community to write, share and stay inspired. (Their words, not mine… I just signed up!)

Check back for Volume 3 in a few weeks!  

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