- With Kenny Gold, Associate Director, Social and Mobile

- With Kenny Gold, Associate Director, Social and Mobile

I’m back from Thanksgiving and I’m ready to rock. I’ve got a whole host of new water cooler topics, and they are all related to what I’m watching.

If you are watching these shows – let’s discuss. For those that aren’t….catch up. Please.

If you email me with all of the names of the Movies and TV shows I reference in this blog post…you get a free coffee…first one to it wins.

Let’s start with the obvious:

I’ll admit it up-front – this thing is confusing. Real people, robot people, theme parks, alternate timelines, lots and lots of stuff, but honestly I’m hooked.

Based on a 1973 film written and directed by Michael Crichton, Westworld chronicles a theme parked world filled with life-like robots that serve the purpose of creating an immersive world for humans who can afford to visit. Or do they…watch and find out.

It’s a start star-studded cast (including Hannibal Lecter #MovieReference and General Hummel #MovieReference) and captures your attention (and imagination) immediately. It’s on HBO…so you know, it’s not TV, it’s…well you know.

In its third season, this romantic thriller is way more twisted than “some dude cheats on his wife, yada, yada, yada.”

If you’ve haven’t watched an episode, the binge-worthy first season throws you into the troubled lives of 4 main characters (the names have been changed to protect the innocent, except no one is really innocent) – McNulty (#TVReference), Dr. Abby Lockhart (#TVReference), Alice Morgan (#TVReference) and Pacey/Charlie Conway (#TVandMovieReference). They are the focal points of a lesson in on how one person’s actions can ripple and effect  affect many peoples’  lives.

Once you’re in, good luck getting out.

The third season is two episodes deep, and new episodes air on Sunday evenings on Showtime.


10 episodes. Netflix. An exaggerated account of the rise of Queen Elizabeth II. This is captivating, and the writing is on the wall for many more seasons.

It is the most expensive show in Netflix history, and I’m sure that has something to do with the cars….or recreating the Crown Jewels.

Also the Trinity Killer (#TVReference) plays Winston Churchill and it’s awesome.

Catch up now, because it’s just worth it….and as a bonus, you now have something to discuss with Gemma.

My last recommendation of the season. This drama chronicles the fictional account of the first ever female professional baseball player, a dazzling, pitcher named Ginny Baker. The story talks about her struggles with the media, living up to expectations and being a trailblazer in a world full of doubters. It’s crazy addictive, and lots of fun. It airs every Thursday at 9pn on Fox.

As an absolute bonus it stars Zack Morris (#TVReference), E (#TVReference) and Cherry Hill, NJ native Ali Larter (not a TV reference, but hometown represent!).


That’s all I’ve got for you this season… but if you have a little extra time,



Find the documentary Supersonic and watch it ASAP. And enjoy this little video to get you pumped for it.

- with Kellene Young

- with Kellene Young

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