Good Morning McCann with Facebook

Good Morning McCann with Facebook

In the latest Good Morning McCann, Facebook was at our offices to tell us about how they are disrupting the current scene. To build upon their goals - making things new, making things better, and making things obsolete – they are introducing Creative Hub and Oculus, and expanding on Messenger and Live. 

Creative Hub is the Facebook destination for creatives to inspire, empower, and create ideas that capture the attention of our audience. There is an inspiration gallery, browser preview option, and easy ways to share work. It is a one-stop-shop for getting the best out of Facebook ads. 

Oculus demonstrations let McCanners battle dinosaurs, look over the ledge of skyscrapers, and even enter a land of aliens. The virtual reality system is part of Facebook’s ten-year plan to tap into AI, AR and VR. The system is currently being used by architects to imagine homes and even by surgeons to practice surgeries. 

People really like Live. Nearly 600 million people tuned into Neil Armstrong on the moon, and over one billion into the 2014 World Cup. On Facebook Live, people comment ten times more, on average. While there are some challenges associated with Live — such as, only getting one take, no editing, and a possibility of network issues —  it does get users excited about brands.                

There are over 1 billion messages sent on Messenger each month. Honing into this usage, 53% of people said that they are more likely to buy from a brand if they could interact with it on Messenger. Facebook is expanding Messenger functionality by expanding into sales and shopping, care and support, and even content subscriptions. Branded bots are now able to answer for brand pages, making the experience instant and interactive. Uber recently took advantage of the app so users can easily order cars through Messenger. 

Facebook is reaching their goal of disruption by becoming more human, more interactive and more creative. It’s a platform that’s building for people by learning from people, and is continuously gets better as a space for brands' ads to live.  

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