Truth Well Brewed 2016 Highlights

Truth Well Brewed 2016 Highlights

John Reilly, Agency Operations Manager, shares his TWB event highlights from 2016.


Valentine's Day Love to the Troops

Because we sent all our love to troops stationed overseas and found a not-awkward way to enjoy Valentine's Day at the office. 


The Economist's Pride and Prejudice Preview

Because The Economist took a pioneering approach to learn how the whole world looks at LGBTQ+ issues by surveying 1,000+ executives in every market globally on gay issues and stopped by to share their learnings with us first.  

Saint Paddy's Day Limerick Challenge

Because McCanners love to compete and are very creative. I'm already looking forward to reading next year's.


Cinco de Mayo

Because spicy margaritas.


Pride Party

Because Drag Queen + microphone. 


Music Showcase: Diana Gordon

Because you better call Becky with the good hair. 


Beer and Book Club Inaugural Meetings

Because we created new occasions for McCanners to nerd out. 


Spotlight on Germany: Oktoberfest

Did you try the pretzels?


Good Morning McCann: External Marketing at The Met

Because Marketing and External Relations Manage Chris Gorman shared his strategy for bringing creative and unconventional ideas to life: build consensus. 


Sheryl Williams's Retirement Party    

Because 52 years is nothing short of inspirational. 

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