On Becoming a Father: To a Havanese - Happy National Pet Month!

On Becoming a Father: To a Havanese - Happy National Pet Month!

Kenny Gold is Associate Director of Social at McCann NY

Question: What compels two New York professionals to add more clutter to the 680 square feet they call home? Answer: The love of a puppy!

My wife and I are dog people. A wagging tail immediately puts a smile on my face. In my opinion, these are animals put on Earth solely to be companions and make us feel good. So when my wife asked what I wanted for a recent milestone birthday, the answer was: it's time to go from 2 to 3. 

Being a planner at heart, I started the checklist:

1) Good with children

2) Small enough to be happy in an apartment (and eventually adjust to the 'burbs) 

3) No shedding or dander (oy, allergies) 

My wife had FOUR Cavalier King Charles Spaniels growing up, and that’s all she knows. But I had a different vision for us.

And then, it happened. I saw a picture of this little black and white fur ball and I knew we had found our little Havanese.

But before I fell further in love, it was back to the checklist. Small – check. Hypoallergenic – check. Good with kids and good for apartment living – check and check. PERFECTION. Side note: the Havanese also happens to be the national dog of Cuba – how timely for Americans’ latest obsession.

The deal was sealed. At only 8 weeks old, he was ready for an everyday home and a family to love him. I told my wife, this is our man. When I saw the smile on her face, I knew we were in.

Leo McGarry Gold came home on April 30th, 2016, just in time for National Pet Month. He is named after my favorite character from my favorite show, The West Wing. Oh yeah…he is also on Instagram @We_Hav_Leo.

It is at this point that I must apologize to anyone that sits near me at work, because now I talk of nothing but Leo. What can I say – it’s puppy love. 

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