McCann Oslo Interns: A Conversation

McCann Oslo Interns: A Conversation

After spending a week at the McCann NY office, a creative team from Norway speaks the truth about their first time in NYC, stalking too many McCanners on Instagram and exploring Red Hook.

Josephine: Kaja, how do we sum this up?

Kaja: Don’t know.

Josephine: You’re copy.

Kaja: I know.


Dear McCann New York,

We love you!

All the best,

The Interns at McCann Oslo

Kaja: That sums it up, but maybe we should say something more?!

Josephine: We could say something about how we got here. It’s pretty random.*

Kaja: Yeah, the Instagram resume. How we stalked everyone at the office on Instagram just to get their attention. I’m so glad it worked out and we got picked up by the Truth Well Brewed-team. 

Josephine: Me too.

Kaja: Ok - I’ve already written the header and the ingress. We need to say something about Red Hook and overtime food as well.

Alex (walks by our desk): It’s 7:30 pm on Friday, girls - get out of here and explore the city!!!

Kaja and Josephine: Yeah, we know.

Alex: Everyone knows you loved staying here. You literally said it to everyone yesterday at the wellness party.

Kaja: Haha, that’s true.

Josephine: Okay, let’s wrap it up then.

Kaja: Until next time.

* Learn more about how Josephine and Kaja pitched the NY office at Digiday:

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