- With Kenny Gold, Associate Director, Social and Mobile

- With Kenny Gold, Associate Director, Social and Mobile

Let’s be real.

There is just too much crap on TV. And I have a strange feeling that this list won’t help.

With that being said, these are things you MUST watch. Why?

Because it is the widest range of content to make you mildly proficient to stand at any water cooler or Nespresso machine. You will see equal parts expected and unexpected in this list. Pass judgement if you dare. I can take it.

Let’s dive right in.

The Bachelorette – ABC, Mondays, 8PM

Let’s get this out of the way from the onset: I’m not kidding. 

6.9 Million people watched The Bachelorette on June 6th – that outperformed the Stanley Cup Finals and a bunch of other randomness including So You Think You Can Dance.

This is JoJo.

JoJo is fascinating. A la Hair Club for Men, she isn’t just the Bachelorette, she was a contestant on The Bachelor.

The show is a vortex of ego and interpersonal turmoil that is undeniably entertaining. One contestant is a former pro quarterback. Another is an erectile dysfunction specialist. One just says he is a Bachelorette expert. And one guy says his occupation is hipster. Just hipster. Come on.

From a purely professional POV, the way that brands integrate into the show and the overwhelming second-screen activity that happens during the show is also fascinating.

Give it a shot…I promise you’ll be converted.

UnReal – Lifetime, Mondays, 10PM

If you can’t get over how fake The Bachelorette is, watch UnReal.  It’s satirical in nature but carries enough drama to keep you entertained.

For those of you that miss either Entourage or Roswell, UnReal brings Constance Zimmer (Dana Gordon) and Shiri Appelby (Liz Parker) back to the small screen as producers of a Bachelorette-esque show.

You will be drawn in. It’s Season 2, so you’ll have to catch up, but it’s a weekend binge to get through Season 1.

It gives you the comedic frame you need to enjoy The Bachelorette and not take it all too seriously.

Ok ok, I’ll move on from reality.

TURN: Washington’s SpiesAMC, Mondays, 10PM

Have you been listening to Hamilton on loop for months? Are you embarrassed about how little you know about American history? Do you just need to know more? 

This show chronicles the story of George Washington’s secret spy ring that helped the Colonies win the Revolutionary War. It’s equal parts drama, romance and violence – and paints a clear picture of how, to quote Hamilton, “a ragtag volunteer army in need of a shower somehow defeated a global superpower.”

It starts a bit slow, but so do all revolutions.

Now to some expected recommendations.

Sunday Night HBO

HBO should be turned on from 9pm until 11pm every single Sunday until these shows complete their season. If you’re not watching  these three shows, what are you watching? 

I. Game of Thrones.

A full-on, dominating powerhouse of a television show. It has absolutely everything you could want in small-screen viewing, including 970 different storylines in case you get bored. Honestly, I’ve watched the show for years and I still need a flow chart to keep track.

The sprawling landscapes, the intricately woven plotlines, the characters you care about – it’s a full on recipe for success.

Catch up if you haven’t. Watch it, talk about it, join the club.

And after Season 5, download this app and make people around the office or at home laugh their heads off.

Make People Laugh

II. Silicon Valley

As a social media dude, it’s a no-brainer that I love this show. But also because it brings the best of Mike Judge back to TV. It’s quick, funny, contextual and never disappoints. Plus, you may hear a familiar voice (cough cough mucus cough).

III. Veep

Did West Wing leave you asking “What’s next?” (A little joke for all you Wingnuts like me)…Are you still doing the Elaine at every party?

Veep is the answer. It hits DC culture right on the head and gives you the weekly dose of Julia Louis-Dreyfus that we all desperately need. From Gary to Jonah to Mike to Amy to Dan -- and of course, Sue —  this cast of characters rarely disappoints. This is the political version of Arrested Development that viewers have always needed and never knew they wanted.

I could go on and on and on and on (as my co-workers can attest), but for now, give these a shot. 

If you are already wise enough to be watching these gems, find me at the water cooler. 


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