McCann Q Lead Doug Harrison Talks LGBT Initiatives at McCann

McCann Q Lead Doug Harrison Talks LGBT Initiatives at McCann

What better time than Pride Week to discuss LGBT activations at McCann with McCann Q lead Doug Harrison

When did you join McCann and what’s your role?

I joined McCann in February 2016 (#newbie #freshmeat) and I am an Associate Project Manager. 

How did you hear about McCann Q?

When I first started at McCann, I saw a picture on the screens in our café from the 2016 HRC (Human Rights Campaign) Gala. It was really awesome to see the group and agency being so involved with such a great organization. From there, I did some digging and found the McCann Q tumblr page and information about the group.

What is McCann Q? 

McCann Q was started in 2014 as a way for LGBT+ McCanners to socialize, network, plan events and build awareness  and awareness of LGBT+ issues in the office and as they relate to our clients. We’re always looking to engage with our fellow McCanners to continue to grow a group that transcends brand teams, agencies and disciplines. Look out for events, socials and collaborations from McCann Q throughout the year!

Who is McCann Q for?

Anyone who falls under the LGBTQ spectrum, and allies as well!

Why did you you decide to get involved with McCann Q?

I love meeting new people and getting to know them.  Looking at all of the ways to get involved beyond the day-to-day really intrigued me.

More specifically, with McCann Q, when I checked the tumblr page, it hadn’t been updated in quite a while, and when asking around about the group, there were quite a few people who hadn’t heard about it. With that, I felt that there was an opportunity to bring it back and engage McCanners that may be interested who may not have thought about it.

What's your role at McCann Q?

My current role could be described as the person who’s going to keep the ball rolling and make sure we’re meeting regularly, as well as keeping engaged with those interested in McCann Q by hosting events/initiatives.

What’s your vision for McCann Q in the office?

I would really like to see McCann Q turn into a group of individuals who are able to come together to enjoy good company and collaborate on events and initiatives around the office. I’d also like to see it become a place where members can have an open dialogue about what is going on in the LGBT community -- both in our industry and outside of it -- and potential ways we may be able to affect change. 

McCann Q is a group that transcends brand teams, agencies and disciplines, so I’m hoping that it will also give McCanners the opportunity to engage with their colleagues from different agencies and accounts.

What do you hope to see from the group this year?

It would be great to see some McCann Q-sponsored happy hours (TWB Thursdays @5), some awareness events and fundraising opportunities. Stay tuned.

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