Beer, Bars, and the Big Questions

Beer, Bars, and the Big Questions

Account Executive Mike Morettoni is Truth Well Brewed’s newly appointed Brewmaster

As the headline suggests, over the rest of the summer, I'll be visiting a new bar every couple weeks, trying and rating new beers, and asking some of our agency's favorite people life's big questions, such as:

What's the best punctuation? 

What wouldn’t taste better pickled? 

Do aliens exist and when will they begin the colonization of this planet?

Hopefully, these reviews give you a reason to try something or somewhere new.


This week, Account Executive Gillian DeRario and I went to the East Village to check out Proletariat. You’ve heard of this place, right? It’s narrow and dark (probably best suited for a date or sulking alone), and behind about 10 diner-style bar stools is a wall covered in frames of traditional American style tattoo photos and prints.

At the bar, they serve their draft pours in special stemmed glasses, which made me feel like a real fancy boy. I’ll probably force my dad to come here next week to show him just how CULTURED I’VE BECOME.

Points also go to our bartender for playing the perfect music to match the bar’s vibe: “Something Came to Me” by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment and some André 3000 deep cuts from The Love Below


The sign on Proletariat’s window reads: “Rare, new and unusual beers”. These guys are not messing around. The draft list features hard-to-find beers from all over the world and is rotated at least once a week.

The first and best beer we ordered was "Atomic Swerve" from Threes Brewing in Brooklyn. It was clean, ambiguously fruity, and left my mouth feeling like pop-rocks were somehow involved (they weren’t).

Next was "Mango River" by Pizza Boy Brewing, which is just a FANTASTIC name for a brewery, but would also be perfect for a band or trivia team. It's made with mango purée, which gives the brew a sort of glowing radioactive-orange quality. It was good and you should buy it.

We finished with Sagardoa Gurutzeta "Sidra Natural", which we found out was actually a farmhouse-style cider (whoops!) from Spain’s Basque Country. It’s made with apples and tastes and smells FUNKY. Drink this instead of a Sunday morning brunch mimosa, which are always disappointing anyway. 


The big question for Gillian this week was, what do you think is the most important invention of the last 200 years?

Without much hesitation she answered, "The modern major highway system.”


“Without them we would have an inability to travel conveniently and easily throughout this vast nation. Just think about how long it took to pave them!”

I don’t think I ever had. I reminded her she could have chosen the internet, penicillin, the internal combustion engine, or even emojis, but she stuck her ground and had this story to share:

“I made my friend talk to a guy for two miles through an open window on a highway once. Ultimately they exchanged numbers via the open window going 65+ mph. And then they stopped, made out on the side of the highway, got back in our cars, and kept driving.”


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