- with Mary Pryor, Community Manager

- with Mary Pryor, Community Manager


Here are 5.5 Ways to Watch The Olympics While at Work

1. Follow The Twitter

If you’re glued to social media like it’s your job (it actually is for me), you can keep up with things that matter such as “Phelps Face” memes,  .gifs of Simone Bias backflips and news briefs on American athletes via Twitter Moments. 

2. The World Wide Web aka

On, there is this awesome Picture-in-Picture on steroids watch screen called "The Gold Zone" where you can view up to four sports at once. Trying to keep up with road cycling while catching the latest update on table tennis? Problem solved. 

3. Become a Morning Person

I wake up at 5AM every morning like clock work to get my fitness on, but in between that time on the treadmill, I tune into The Today Show, which is literally Olympic overload zone until the Closing Ceremony. If you can deal with dad jokes from Matt Lauer and Hoda Kutob hitting on every male athlete that hits the couch, you’ll be up to speed in no time.

4. & 5. App It Out

Put that McCann Worldgroup in-office Wi-Fi to use and listen to all things Olympics related via the NBC Olympics companion app or "watch on" via these awesome platforms:

1. Olympic YouTube Channel: This is the official YouTube channel of Olympic Games. Highlights videos, interviews and other best moments will be uploaded daily.

2. Rio 2016: This YouTube channel is special for 2016 Rio Olympics, well, in Portuguese. You may need this English version site address: or you can get your Rosetta Stone on and try to learn a new language while working. WINS ACROSS THE BOARD.

.5 Love Sports and All Things MUR-RI-CAH

As an avid competitive yogi (you want to have a stretch off?) I truly love Olympic season. The human interest stories, the over-the-top commentating, Track and Field, Judo, Gymnastics, the Fijian Male Rugby Team, amazingly talented people living out their dreams…HOW CAN YOU NOT FEEL THE LOVE SURROUNDING YOU?

With everything that is happening in this country, we are constantly reminded of unfair adversities faced by citizens living in the United States. With representation of every race, religion, creed, gender, age and orientation on display in Rio, this is the best time to unite around a global event enforcing one of the key testaments of American life. As a proud young, Black American woman with Haitian, French, and Nigerian ancestry, I relish moments such as this. Let’s get excited about showing the world that this country still believes in individual expression and freedom. There is no time like now to catch Olympic fever if you really want it.


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