- with Mariana Pintor, Social Account Executive

- with Mariana Pintor, Social Account Executive

5 Most Underrated Beyonce Songs

With 6 studio albums, 65 singles and countless accompanying visuals, it makes sense that Beyonce might have a couple songs that have not been given their proper shine. While it was difficult, I chose 5 songs that I think deserve a second listen – check ‘em out!


1. Me, Myself & I 

Album: Dangerously In Love

  • In 2003, Beyonce showed us signs of the scorned woman way before the opus that is Lemonade. On her debut album, she blessed us with “Me, Myself & I,” an R&B ballad that served as her third single, which touches on themes of infidelity and how to overcome it. While Beyonce had always served as a vessel about self-empowerment, this song works on a level above the typical independent woman theme as it evokes vulnerability.

2. Flaws & All 

Album: B’Day (Deluxe)

  • Speaking of vulnerability, I personally don’t think there is anything more brave than giving yourself to someone completely, letting them witness your flaws. In her sophomore album, Beyonce shows us what it really means to be ***FLAWLESS. In “Flaws & All” she sings to her lover, thanking him for accepting her with all her flaws. Perfection is a theme that spans across Beyonce’s discography and the message is always about accepting yourself for who you are. This message, coming from a woman that has been named the Most Beautiful Woman In The World, it strikes a chord, acknowledging that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

3. Why don’t you love me?

Album: I Am.. Sasha Fierce

  • “Why don’t you love me?” has got to me one of my all time favorite Beyonce songs and videos – the concept is cheeky and I could argue is parody of the lyrics. In the song, Beyonce impersonates a woman who questions her love interest about the reason for which he does not value her, convincing him she's the best thing for him as she sings: 
  • "Why don't you love me… 
  • when I make me so damn easy to love?… 
  • I got beauty... I got class… 
  • I got style and I got a...".

4. End of Time  

Album: 4

  • I just don’t understand why this wasn’t the lead single from “4” …. This doesn’t even have an official visual. I can’t even comprehend.

5. Standing on the Sun 

Album: BEYONCE [Platinum Edition]

  • This promo song was never meant to be on a full EP. Instead, Beyonce used it as a backdrop for her 2013 H&M summer campaign, which is why you’ll see the visuals are looped. It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s upbeat and the perfect summer song that never was. Luckily, a remix of the song (with Mr. Vegas) was released as part of the re-release of BEYONCE [Platinum Edition], which gives it a more Caribbean vibe. 
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