The Truth About NY: From an Italian Truth Central Champion

The Truth About NY: From an Italian Truth Central Champion

Strategic Planner Chiara Rapuzzi writes about her time at McCann NY working with Truth Central, McCann Worldgroup’s thought leadership unit

When you think about summer, generally your thoughts go to a place far away from your daily routine where you can leave your work behind. ButI’m the kind of person who is lucky enough to love my job, and because I’m so curious and eager to learn, I had an amazing idea this year:

 …. spend my holidays with Truth Central Team in McCann NYC! 

Over the years, I've had the great opportunity to work with this amazing group of talents from a distance, contributing every time the Truth Central Network called, but I realized it was time for me to see how this team work on the day-by-day.

Being an observer gave me the opportunity to understand how to leverage the best Truth Central studies, to see how they can fuel client strategies and how they can be used in the truth hunting process, and also how the studies can be tailored for the different needs of clients.

I’ve seen how to create a “Truth Wall” for a pitch, mixing and matching all the different studies and data.

I also had the amazing possibility to have an “intercultural exchange” with my American colleagues to learn about the differences and similarities between the Italian and American cultures, and to talk about real and false stereotypes about my culture.

So now I’m ready to reveal all the “truth” about Truth Central and McCann NY. And the best way to give you an idea of my experience is through MY TOP 5:


If you think that a free coffee flow is only in movies and TV shows, you are wrong!   

There is always coffee. And when the amazing Truth Well Brewed team calls, you can be sure that there are also food and drinks. Because it’s part of the culture of the agency to share moments of fun, drinks and food. 

Sometimes it’s ice cream, sometimes it’s wine and beer tasting or once a week, it’s Friday Bagels. At some point during the week, there is always a special occasion to share something to eat and drink. It’s an incredible opportunity to create connections between people, to meet new colleagues and to feel part of a big family.


McCann NY is not only in the most vibrant, amazing and overwhelming city on earth, it’s also an incredible working space, well organized, stylishly furnished and decorated. 

McCann NY is such an amazing  place that you don’t want to leave at the end of the day. Especially when you lose your sense of time and reality in front of the most amazing view of the city! 


I had so much opportunity to nourish my knowledge with all the brilliant people and organizations visiting the office to give talks and lectures. I loved the open-minded attitude and the real desire for inter-cultural exchange. There was even enthusiasm for my Italian lessons!   


At the beginning, I got the feeling I was only being introduced to a selected number of talents and brilliant people. But then I realized that McCann NY really is made up by brilliant employees, people in love with their work and full of amazing, positive energy. 


The vibe, energy and passion that I breathed in during my three weeks at McCann NY are truly incredible. I now have the tangible proof of something that I’ve always believed — HAPPY PEOPLE WORK BETTER.

If the place where you spend most of your day is a place where you'd like to stay, it’s a place that challenges you, where you feel good vibes, and that inspires you, well, you can only be stimulated to give the best of yourself. 

Thank you Truth Central team and McCann NY for this amazing opportunity. 

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