Beer, Bars and the Big Questions: Bo’s Kitchen & Bar Room

Beer, Bars and the Big Questions: Bo’s Kitchen & Bar Room

Account Executive and TWB Brewmaster Mike Morettoni is back with another installation of "Beer, Bars, and the Big Questions” 

In this column, I visit a new bar, try and rate new beers, and ask some of our agency's favorite people life's big questions, such as:

What's the best punctuation?

What wouldn’t taste better pickled?

Do aliens exist and when will they begin the colonization of this planet?

Hopefully, these reviews give you a reason to try something or somewhere new.

The Bar: Bo’s Kitchen & Bar Room

The Beers: Radiant Pig’s Gangster Duck, Empire’s White Aphro Ale, Ballast Point’s Sculpin IPA

The Friend: Alex Goldklang

The Big Question: Would you rather be a plane or a boat?


This week, all-star PM Alex Goldklang joined me on the walk downtown to Bo’s Kitchen & Bar Room. Bo’s is a nice space around the corner from Eataly, in the shadow of the Flatiron Building. Walking in, I noticed the bartender had just started playing one of the new Frank Ocean albums, which reminded me that there are still good and generous people in this city. I want “Nights” to be blasting from the car speakers when I drive my Firebird off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean.

Picture from

Picture from


We started with the Radiant Pig’s Gangster Duck because names matter and this one sounded like a lazy Darkwing Duck villain. It’s a hybrid American Red Ale that tasted, sharp, earthy, and citrusy all at once. V good, but a little strong to start with.

Our second brew was the White Aphro Ale from Empire Brewing. This hazy, blonde ale from Syracuse tasted of lavender and basil. It had such a delightfully sweet and floral quality that I told Alex I thought it should served with vacation pancakes. This one isn’t too hard to find in bottles either, so buy a sixer and make some flapjacks for your boo.

We finished with the Ballast Point Scuplin IPA. The Sculpin is a new San Diego classic. Some craft brew history: frustrated he couldn’t find quality ingredients to brew his own beer, Ballast Point founder Jack White (not that Jack White) opened Home Brew Mart in San Diego in 1992. Five years later he founded Ballast Point Brewing Company—brewing his beer in the back room of his home-brew supply store. Today, both Home Brew Mart and Ballast Point are largely credited with establishing San Diego as the country’s strongest craft beer city. Bo’s didn’t have it on tap or in bottle, but the Grapefruit and Pineapple Sculpins are wonderful too. Look for the six-pack with a gnarly tropical fish on the package.

The Big Question

Alex’s big question was, would you rather be a plane or a boat? 

She took a moment to embrace the question’s philosophical deepness then blurted out, “A boat!”

“There’s nothing quite like going into the expanse of an ocean and feeling and smelling what’s out there. I think about jumping over waves, the mists, smells, and secret islands you get to find.”

My instinct was to go plane, but between salty mists and secret islands (???), I think I’m boatin’ up with Alex. 

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