New Years Resolutions @ McCann

New Years Resolutions @ McCann

Dan Bennett, Chief Digital Officer

Spend less time watching screens

Spend more QT (i.e., not involving screens) with the kids 

Go on more dates with the wife

Bruce Stockler, Brand Community/Communications Director

Try to eat more slowly or, as a friend advised, like the world is not ending in 5 minutes.

Be nicer and more generous to all the simpering, malodorous idiots who disagree with me.

Stop posting so many photos of my cats on the NSA’s website.

Kate Pena, Digital Strategist

Take more trips

Write more – outside of work 

Learn how to knit or crochet 

Carlos Wigle, Creative Director

Eat healthier

Pursue more side projects

Grow my 'fro

Kenny Gold, Senior Strategist

Be less annoying to my wife and to Dan Bennett

Remember to say please and thank you 

Eat less fried food

Kelsey Daharb, Jr. Art Director

Binge eat often

Spend more time in the lab working on solution to regrow Delilah’s 4th leg (her dog) 

Become ambidextrous


Stephanie Fuller, Digital Strategist

Do something you’re proud of every day, big or small

Put health and family first

Share the whole truth, not just the bits you want others to know

Daniele Herbine, Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Eat more veggies

Make it to the gym more than 4x a month (pathetic)

Save money!!!!

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