Side Hustle with The When Project

Side Hustle with The When Project

Soon after the election, Integrated Producer/Photographer Katie Henry and Sr. Copywriter Ashley Glass, felt like they needed to do something that was bigger than themselves…something that would make people think…something that would leave a positive impact on the world. So, they decided to create The When Project – an online community designed to inform the world that a female U.S. President is not a matter of “if,” but “when,” and to inspire girls across America to believe it will be them.  

Just about every weekend, Ashley and Katie go to the NYC streets - or whatever town they may be visiting - and approach parents with girls to ask if they’d be interested in participating in their project. They ask each girl: “What will you do WHEN you become President?” and take an empowering photograph of the girl. It’s a very Humans of New York-like approach and they never know who they’re going to meet next, which makes it quite exciting.

Girls’ responses vary from “stopping terrorism” to “decorating the White House with glitter.” Every time they meet new girls, they are blown away by their responses. Parents of the girls are also super positive when they’re approached and even thank Katie and Ashley for putting together a project like this. Something positive they’ve uncovered is that many of the girls they’ve met already hold Presidential positions in their class government and student councils. 

Ashley and Katie say they couldn’t have done this without their team: Danielle Wasserman, who is heading social, and Art Director Stephanie DeJesus who designed the brand identity and art directs many of their communications.

“Just having a girl stop and think about holding the highest position in the world - even for 5 minutes - is a win. It plants a seed.” says Katie.  

“This project is more than inspiring girls to become President; it’s to inspire girls to become leaders and to aim high, no matter what they do.” says Ashley.

Wangari Maathi, a Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize Laureate says “The higher you go, the fewer women there are.”

Katie and Ashley want to help change that ratio, to innovate leadership and improve how it works.

It looks like they are already on their way as they’ve received press from Disney-owned website Babble:

If you have any girls in your life that know what they want to do WHEN they become president, The When Project would love to feature them. Just email a photo and quote here:

You can also follow the project on the following:





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