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It’s Advertising Christmas—the Super Bowl!! 

There’s a thousand and one articles out about which brand will have this year’s best spot, so we’ll spare you from any of that. Instead, (Strategist) Collin Peters and I have a beer recommendation and food pairing for both New England and Atlanta. We’ve also put together our predictions for this year's best prop bets, my favorite part of the game.


 Mike Morettoni (MM): New England - Cisco Grey Lady

I always make sure to pick up a 12-pack of Grey Ladies on the family vacation in Cape Cod. It’s a Belgian-style Witbier, similar to an Allagash White but, Cisco’s take differs with flavors like pine and rose. Pair it with a lobster roll, but make sure its done Connecticut-style and NOT Maine style. You’re going to be eating and drinking a lot on Sunday, so better to avoid any unnecessary mayo. 



Collin Peters (CP): Atlanta - Sweet Water 420 Extra Pale Ale

You can actually find the Sweet Water 420 at a bunch of bars around the city. It’s a nice Pale Ale with notes of lemon and coriander. Pair it with a Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken Biscuit with honey ( winky emoji ). You’re seriously going to love this pairing—go in with high expectations.   







Prop bets are the best part of any Super Bowl pre-game. If you’re not doing them at your party, you’re doing it wrong.  

- How long will the national anthem be?

MM: Luke Bryant is playing this year’s National Anthem and Vegas is estimating his rendition at 127.5 seconds. YES, the country is in need of some good ol’ fashion patriotic flare, but Luke is not the kind of guy who will do Mariah Carey-style vocal runs. I’m betting under 127.5 seconds.        

- Will Luke Bryant be wearing a hat before he sings?

CP: Listen, this guy is a country singer. It’s just as important to be wearing a cowboy hat before the anthem as it is to take it off when it’s being played. 

- How many Trump mentions will there be during the broadcast?

MM: This one is tricky—Americans typically like to keep their football and politics separate, but…Trump. I’m predicting more than 3, but less than 5 (this does not count implicit mentions, snide remarks, or clever signs from fans). 

- Heads or Tails?

CP: I love heads.          

- What will happen first - Falcons score or Falcons punt?

MM: Julio Jones will be a non-factor for the entire game, save for a monster touchdown catch at the end of the Falcon’s very first drive. Falcons score first.            

- What color will Lady Gaga's hair be?

CP: Trick question. Sure, she’ll start blonde, but she won’t end blonde.      

- What will Gaga’s first song be?

MM: There’s no doubt she ends her set with “Edge of Glory”—undisputedly her best song. Abbi agrees. She’ll start though, with the lead single from her new album, “Perfect Illusion.”           

- Who scores first touchdown?

CP: Falcons—they’re the underdogs. Plus they guessed heads at the coin toss. 

- Who will win?

CP: Better question: who deserves to win? Atlanta is having a moment right now and Migos needs inspiration for new material. 

MM: F*** the Patriots (from a loyal and depressed Jets fan). 

- Tomorrow's cultural outrage?

CP: There were no surprise Super Bowl ads this year because they’ve been up on Creativity for the last two weeks. 

MM: Joe Buck.

Happy drinking and enjoy the game!

Mike & Collin

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