Cindy Gallop Inspires IPG Women to "Be the Change"

Cindy Gallop Inspires IPG Women to "Be the Change"

The one and only Cindy Gallop delivered a talk entitled “Be the Change” to a roomful of women and handful of men at IPG’s latest Women’s Leadership Network (WLN) event this week. Cindy is the founder & CEO of IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn, and one of the most outspoken advocates for diversity and gender equality in our industry. Darla Price, SVP, Group Account Director, m:united, McCann NY is the National Chair for WLN, which strives to be the force for gender equality and opportunity for women within IPG. 

Darla introduced Cindy  — not that she needs an introduction if you work in advertising — to the room with her signature descriptor, which, if you Google Cindy, you’ll see everywhere: “I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business.” 

Cindy then took the stage and delivered 15 “Microactions” to the audience — very specific, action-oriented tips around progressing and enacting change in our male-dominated corporate world. 

Cindy is a firm believer that you can start becoming a leader from Day 1 of your career. Some of her key “microactions” include:

Say What You Think – you diminish your own worth when you don’t

State Your Ambition – and remind people regularly what that is 

Take Up More Space – new to power posing? Check out Amy Cuddy’s TED talk  

Be Your Own Filter – identifying your own beliefs and values is not only the key to success at work, but to happiness in life 

Say Yes. Say No. – put yourself up for everything but say no to the “housekeeping” tasks that are often relegated to the women in the office

Make Shit Happen – no explanation needed

Call Out Barriers – unconscious bias can make or break your career – or it can make or break YOU. Call it out. Change the optics. What are the optics of our industry today? Check out TooManyGuysOneGirl on Tumblr.

Build Your Personal Brand – don’t think of self-promotion as a bad thing!

Find Champions, Not Mentors – it’s nice to have a “mentor” to cry on their shoulder, but what you really need is a champion to make shit happen for you

Help Change the Numbers – hire groups, not individuals; tokenism is useless! 

Cindy wrapped up her talk with an important point. Gender equality is not about diversity – it’s about humanity. Every one of us has a responsibility to make sure the workplace reflects the world that we live in. 

IPG Chairman & CEO Michael Roth closed out the event with a shoutout to McCann NY’s Fearless Girl statue that became an overnight sensation on International Women’s Day as a powerful symbol of women in leadership – both today and tomorrow. 

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