What Are You: Watching

What Are You: Watching

Girls - Season 6 (HBO)

I have a confession; I still have a soft spot in my otherwise cold heart for Lena Dunham and whatever has become of GIRLS.

Despite years of being skeptical of Dunham’s portrayal of the 20-something girl living in the city and trying to make it on her own, I have a remained a loyal and optimistic viewer, celebrating all of Dunham’s trials and tribulations as the show withered on.

And I’m happy for it, as this season proved it was all worth it. Comical and relatable, the final season brings viewers down a rabbit hole of emotions. Finally GIRLS establishes a truce between its characters and the audience, leaving their flaws exposed like a fresh wound, bound to leave a scar.

Big Little Lies (HBO)

Can you say GIRL POWER? Well, you will.

As breathtaking as it is haunting, this all-star cast of rock-star female actors brings to life a story set in idyllic Monterey, California where its landscape of luxurious hillside homes with piercing views of the Pacific beautifully juxtaposes the deceit that lives within them.

From family woes to spousal abuse so dark and visceral that it will inevitably land Nicole Kidman her first Emmy, to a perplexing town murder, these seven episodes are a different kind of cinematic perfection — one that celebrates the beauty and complexity of women like no show has ever done before.

What are you still doing reading this? Watch IT!


13 Reasons Why (Netflix Original Series)

With suicide being the third leading cause of death among young people and bullying being one of its primary contributors, it was only a matter of time before this New York Times #1 best-seller was adapted into a Netflix original series. Revolving around the suicide of a young girl who kills herself after a series of circumstances and leaves behind thirteen tapes explaining why.

While “13 Reasons Why” provides a fresh POV on suicide, it also almost inexcusably sensationalizes one of the most complex and psychologically raw subject matters.

Having the weight to carry a better understanding of mental health and suicide, “13 Reason Why” unfortunately only brings us further from the truth and more into the throes of teenage angst - which I suppose makes sense as it’s categorized as “young-adult.”

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