Making the List: Tali Gumbiner and Lizzie Wilson

Making the List: Tali Gumbiner and Lizzie Wilson

Tali Gumbiner and Lizzie Wilson are the creative team behind Fearless Girl, our recent piece of work for State Street Global Advisors that has quickly become an international symbol of female leadership. Tali and Lizzie are featured on Fast Company’s highly competitive list of ‘100 Most Creative People in Business.’ Here, we ask them to share some thoughts around this exciting recognition, Fearless Girl and their creative process. 

1.      What does it mean to you to be on the Fast Company ‘100 Most Creative People in Business’ list?

Tali:  Lists are great and it’s wonderful to be recognized by your industry, but the real win for me is seeing how this project has affected women and girls -- on a human level. The Instagram feed is everything.

2.      Who do you count as your creative heroes?

Tali:  Meryl Streep. Oprah. Joyce King Thomas (McCann XBC Chairman and CCO).

Lizzie: Dolly Parton, Maya Angelou

3.      How would you describe your dynamic as partners?

Tali: Lizzie and I are incredibly similar in some ways, but also wildly different in others, and I think those similarities and differences have really defined our dynamic. We are both deeply sensitive and prioritize being kind and doing good above all else. However, she sees the world, while I say it. What I mean by this is that Lizzie is measured and thoughtful; she takes a step back to really observe the world and expresses herself through these visual observations. I am a bull in a china shop who needs to process and ideate through talking about things. This can be frustrating, but also balancing.

4.      What other campaigns from the past 6-12 months are you especially proud of?

Tali: During Christmas, we made Godiva’s Box that Keeps Giving. With this project, I started to see that doing something good with an ad doesn’t have to be a big, societal statement. You can simply create something that will make people happier, something they will enjoy.

5.      What are you most looking forward to at Cannes next month?

Tali: Cannes brings me crippling anxiety. I am currently mapping out every word I’m going to say in every possible social situation.    

Lizzie: Witnessing the enormous amount of talent that has descended on one town. 

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