IPG Dragons Represent at the 27th annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

IPG Dragons Represent at the 27th annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

This weekend, I paddled with IPG Dragons at the 27th annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York. It was IPG Dragons' fourth consecutive year participating in the Heritage - Mix Red and Corporate races, and personally, my third year joining the team for another amazing summer.

The IPG team – including employees from Area 23, Cadreon, Craft, IPG Corporate, FCB, Mosaic Group, MullenLowe Profero, Orion and Reprise Media – trained every Saturday for two months leading up to the event at Flushing Meadow-Corona Park, which was also the event venue.

Although I'm not an early bird, getting up in the morning on the weekend for 8 weeks of training was miraculously not painful at all. (I'm actually proud of myself that I didn't miss a single practice this year!) And it's not just the amazing all-day BBQ on the racing days or our co-captain Jessica's addictive cookies that make all the hard training worthwhile. There is something about IPG Dragons that make you keep coming back every week and every year, so I asked my team what made them join the team and come out this weekend to participate in the races. Here’s what they had to say:

·      John Tang, FCB Health (captain) – “Because I got no other choice, haha. I was here at 1st year and realized this is a good team building activity and ever since, I got hooked onto this team.”

·      Jessica Jung, IPG (co-captain) – “For the love of IPG! Love the competition and teamwork, and people I met. It’s a pure teamwork sport and IPG is really supportive for this event as well.”

·      Qi Zhu, FCB Health – “To me, this is the best team building exercise ever. You need to learn how to be in sync with other people on the boat and to do so, you really need to know them. The best event for networking for me in the past three years with IPG. Also, because Jessica is here.”

·      Sophie Kim, MullenLowe Profero – “It’s a nice summer activity, a great chance to get to know people, and great BBQ.”

·      Hector Riley, Orion – “I just wanted to have fun trying something new. Also, it’s great to get my ass out of my bed early on Saturday mornings.”

·      Emmy But, Cadreon – “I wanted to try different sports. It’s a different way of working out and also a great opportunity to meet other people in IPG.”

·      Ruben Ramirez, FCH – “I’m not from New York. I liked to take advantage of experiencing new things and meeting new people.”

·      Yih Ma, Mosaic – “I wanted to feel more connected to my heritage and connect with my Asian fellows as well as others around the world.”

·      Jay Chen, Area23 – “I always wanted to do dragon boat, and thought this was a perfect chance. I wanted connect with more Asian folks as well.”

·      Sparkle Ramjohn, Cadreon – “I wanted to meet people outside of my agency and really connect with them.”

I can echo each and every one of their responses, and I have no doubt that the experience with the IPG Dragons has brought everything they were looking for, if not more.

And the outcome? We won the first heat of Heritage 500m by 0.04 of a second and overall we came in 3rd place in the Heritage – Mix Red race!

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