2018 #Goals with McCanners

2018 #Goals with McCanners

With the start of a new year comes new goals and resolutions. Below are some 2018 goals from McCanners: 

1. Francisco ValenzuelaBarrera, Art Director

Spend less time on social media and more time reading a book or spending time with people.

2. Kara Weeks, Account Executive

Go on safari in South Africa, my friends and I are trying to plan a trip to Cape Town for the spring and my goal is to not let it become a desire turned to dust.

3. Katie Henry, Integrated Producer

Following through with projects that I currently have in the works. I’m really good at starting projects but not so great at completing them. I need a personal assistant to keep me in line…or a life producer.

4. Erika Hedgecock, Junior Art Director

Not to slip on the sidewalk 

5. Erin Turkel, Manager, Employee Engagement & Culture

Run a half marathon PR and travel more

6. Abbe Sublett, Designer

Get a cool new headshot by Katie Henry

7, Sara Becker, Senior Copywriter

Find a lit agent, Mint records for a side project, Meditate more

8. Alice Genao, Receptionist

Live a little

9. Cecilio Aponte, Director of Hospitality

Become the gym master

10. Kiki Von Son, Paid Social Analyst

I decided to create a Facebook group to facilitate jam sessions among friends who like to write or sing or dance or play instruments or want to learn how. I am hosting these at my apartment every other Sunday in 2018, 5-7pm. They are called Sunday Sunset Seshes...Also, I would like to be more silent in 2018. I am battling with the filterless side of me who vomits 30 facts a day about myself to anyone in earshot...and the side of me who admires and aspires to the will of those people who remain silent and listen more than they talk. #silenceispower

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