McCann Sheroes: Katie Henry & Ashley Glass Empower Girls with The When Project

McCann Sheroes: Katie Henry & Ashley Glass Empower Girls with The When Project

Truth Well Brewed will be profiling McCann “Sheroes” all month long in honor of Women’s History Month. This week, we are profiling Integrated Producer & McCann resident photographer Katie Henry and Senior Copywriter Ashley Glass for The When Project. 

After the 2016 election, regardless of political affiliation, many felt a deep disappointment that we were not able to elect our first female president. Instead of wallowing in that disappointment, Katie and Ashley decided to turn their feelings into something meaningful – something that would create a dialogue and leave a positive impact on the world. That something is The When Project. Launched in December 2016, this online community is designed to inform the world that a female U.S. President is not a matter of “if,” but “when.”

Every weekend, Ashley and Katie hit the streets of whatever town they might be in and approach parents of girls to ask if they’d be interested in participating in their project. They ask each girl, “What will you do WHEN you become President?” and take an empowering photograph of the girl. The responses are amazing, ranging from “I will rid the wage gap between men and women” to “I will decorate the office with glitter” to “I will stop pollution because it’s bad for the earth.”

Photos of the girls and their responses can be found on The When Project’s social media channels. McCann XBC’s own Stephanie De Jesus is the Art Director for The When Project’s branding and social media presence.

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Ashley said, “We learned that girls up to the age of 7 believe they can become President one day. Then they stop. Just like that. They stop believing they can do it because they've never seen a woman in that role. We ask girls to imagine themselves as President as a way to empower them. If just for 5 minutes. Then we showcase these girls telling the world what they’ll do when they become President so other girls can see them and become inspired. It's girl power full circle. One day, girls will see a woman behind the podium. Until then, they’ll see The When Project.”

“After we interview girls, parents thank us for doing this project. We never expected that. It’s amazing,” said Katie. “And we tell the parents that in addition to inspiring these girls to become President, the project also wants girls to believe they can aim high, to reach executive levels, to imagine themselves leading. And they're excited to. Once we ask them what they’ll do when they become President, they always give us stellar responses.”

The When Project has gained a lot of traction since its launch. It’s been written up in the press and Ashley and Katie have found themselves on the speaking circuit as well. They recently participated on an entrepreneur panel at a Galentine’s Day party at The New Women Space in Brooklyn.

Congratulations to Ashley and Katie, our very deserving McCann Sheroes, on the success of this inspiring project.

If you have any girls in your life that know what they want to do WHEN they become president, The When Project would love to feature them. Just email a photo and quote here: You can follow the project on:





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