8 Days in Tulum, Mexico with Rosalind Mowitt, Senior Strategist

8 Days in Tulum, Mexico with Rosalind Mowitt, Senior Strategist

So, let me start by saying I did not realize how popular Tulum is. This detail began to crystalize for me when four different people in my department mentioned visiting Tulum recently and was then fully confirmed when I ran into not one but three stars of The Bachelor on the beach.

The second thing to address is the 8 days. Yes, I was there for over a week. Why? Because I wasn’t supposed to be on this trip. My friend Gina’s boyfriend tore his ACL and couldn’t go, so enter me: equally romantic and doubly-chill travel partner. What a fun, tropical surprise!

Anyhoo, let’s get into things that might be useful/interesting to you. 

Where should I drink?

Great question. The answer is everywhere, but to be more specific I can say I feel you have two options: bougie cabana drinks or strong affordable drinks. I tried to opt for the latter as much as possible, and so may I present: 

Don Cafeto: My fave. Not only is their food incredible and affordable, the vibe is great. Everyone who works here is awesome, and they have live music. You can get a giant piña colada or mojito the size of your face for about $2.50 and let me tell you, those drinks are strong. 

Batey Mojito Bar: They have dozens of mojito flavors. And you guys, they stick whole sugar cane sticks in each of the drinks. Maracuya (passionfruit) is the best flavor, don’t @ me. Also live music.

Where should I eat?

You need food to live. Great question, here are some thoughts:

Raw Love

Raw Love is another favorite spot attached to a great hotel, Ahau Tulum, with a great beach situation. Their açaí bowls are amazing, and you can take them to the beach at the hotel and sit out with them. 


Guys, Ziggy’s is solid food at an affordable price. Cute beach, not too bougie or obnoxious. What more could you ask for? Wifi actually. It would be chill if their wifi worked.  

Posada Margherita

I literally got 5 responses (a lot for me) to my Insta-story when I posted this. The people love Posada Margherita. And true, it’s a great little Italian restaurant with a beautiful Anthropologie-catalog vibe to watch the waves. Great food.   

 Where should I Instagram?

Did I have a full existential crisis about what it means to live versus document your life? Yes. Was I constantly surrounded by women posing near and around food without eating it? Yes. Did I still post a lot on Instagram? Yes. 


An elaborate, luxury tree-house hotel that is genuinely stunning. You can pay 50 bucks to hang on the beach, or you could pay more to stay in the hotel. I hung out in a giant hammock for 4 hours here and wasn’t mad about it. 

Casa Malca

Casa Malca is the name of Pablo Escobar’s former mansion that has since been converted into a luxury hotel. We had a friend staying there, and thus were lucky enough to hang out there. It’s beautiful – like Alice & Wonderland if Alice owned some custom Keith Haring pieces. 

In Conclusion:

Tulum was lovely. You can beach, visit Mayan ruins, swim in a cenote and eat your heart out. Everyone was really friendly – shout out to Blanca for holding us down – and the vibe is all around very positive. Would recommend.

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