Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Last night, during Thursdays@5, McCanners celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in style. We hosted our annual limerick challenge, snacked on traditional Irish food and beverages and enjoyed live Irish music. In case you missed it, check out the winning limericks, below.

 Bronze: Margaret Webber


There once was a thing called Spark,

I signed up on somewhat of a lark,

There were many forms to fill,

I guess now I learn skills?

Honestly, I'm still in the dark. 


Silver: Josh Kessler

It’s that time again in the season

When we move to a whole other region 

We’re office space nomads

On a quest to make more ads

But when we get used to our desks, we leave ‘em. 


Gold: Jack McNamara

There once was a copywriter defiant

Who was dumb enough to make fun of a client

He thought it was cute

That the speaker was on mute

When he saw otherwise, his ass: They fried it.

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