McCann FC Wins Outdoor League Championship

McCann FC Wins Outdoor League Championship

After starting the season with 1 win and 2 losses, McCann FC was able to rally and win their next 5 games in a row to capture the Outdoor League Championship with Zog Sports!

The night started off with a semi-final matchup at 6pm against Ascot FC, the number 2 seed overall. McCann FC was the underdog going into the matchup, but was able to put the pressure on early with a quick James Rooney goal.

With a 1-0 lead going into halftime, Coach Powers was able to make some tactical changes to ensure the lead stayed with McCann FC. It was a tough second half with numerous shots on goal, but Dino Neral was able to make several fingertip saves to keep them out of the score sheet. There were numerous shots from our team, led by Erick Stossel and Kenny Yque. However, with the last few minutes winding down, Cydney was able to take a bouncing ball from the left top of the 18 yard box, hit it a first time, and smash it into the crossbar, which deflected down into the goal. The goalie from Ascot FC was unable to stop it. With a 2-0 lead, McCann was able to finish up the game and clinch the birth to the finals.

In the final match-up against MUTB, McCann FC was seeking redemption after losing to them during the regular season. It was a tough game, with numerous star players on the field for both sides. Luckily, we had a great defensive effort by both Rob Reilly and Major able to thwart numerous of their attacks. 

The game was close throughout, going goal for goal, but luckily, our leading scorer, James Rooney, was able to score three goals and led us to a victory over  MUTB 3-2. McCann FC even had to play down a man, due to a yellow card in the last 5 minutes off a dangerous play from Charles. 

It was a heroic effort from the team and the first soccer championship won by the McCann FC team. Afterwards, they were able to celebrate the victory as a team at the local pub.

McCann FC will be taking September off, but will be playing at Xavier HS again in October. All the players are looking forward to the indoor season!

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Golden Boot Winner: James Rooney

Golden Gloves: Dino Neral

Golden Tackler: Ryan Yoch

Goals by McCann FC: 4 – James Rooney, 1 – Cydney  

Season Record: 6-2

McCann FC Total Record: 23W – 1D – 5L 

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