McCanners of New York | 114th Edition

McCanners of New York | 114th Edition

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How long have you been at McCann and what do you do here?

Just over 4 years now. I started out as a new biz designer and these days I am an art director on HomeGoods. 

What do you do when you’re not working?

Wander around Brooklyn Instagram-ing random cute dogs I see. 

What would your DJ name be?

DJ Toe, and for the record, I have actually been referenced as such. Blame my friends. 

Have you ever cut your own hair?

No, that would be a mess.

Favorite go-to drink?

Without a second thought—a salted, on the rocks Margarita.

If you were to open a bar, what would you call it? 

Bar Linger, because my last name is Berlinger and it’s a bar you’ll want to spend time at. 
I should be a copywriter, right? (Copywriters please don’t take offense.)

Favorite dessert

A fudgy salted brownie.

Favorite smell

Balsam Fir—the real thing, not the Bath & Bodyworks version.

What was your favorite birthday?

When I was maybe 12 and super into horseback riding I convinced my parents to get their friends pony to walk in circles for pony rides around my back yard. That was a blast. 

Last thing you Googled

“Is Montreal or Toronto better to visit” If you have any thoughts in regard to this, please lmk.

What's your favorite scary movie?  

I don’t do scary.

First ever job? 

Working at a Life is Good® store in my hometown.

What was your favorite Halloween costume?

It clearly wasn’t my favorite at the time, but looking back at that...butterfly? dragonfly? Fairy? Whatever costume it was, the level of DIY dedication is without compare, so it has to rank as my favorite. 

What was your first ever concert? 

The Fray.

What movie makes you cry? 

Most recently ‘Someone Great’.

Where was the last place you traveled to?  

Los Angeles.

Describe yourself in 3 emoji’s. 


Current song on repeat?

Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi—Rosalía & Ozuna.

Two truths one lie?

I drink coffee every day, I’ve trapezed & I’ve almost drowned.

Go to Karaoke song?

Anything from ABBA.

What advice would you tell your high school self?

Being “that art kid” pays off...also lay off the under-eye eyeliner (specifically directed at my 9th grade self).

Your most bizarre talent?

I can whistle like a baby bird.

What are you currently obsessed with?

FALL. Bring me the apple-picking-crispy-leaves-crunching autumn. I AM READY. 

Iced coffee or hot coffee? From where?

Neither. Oops, did I just give away my two truths and a lie?

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Probably doing about the same thing that I do now, but ideally with an apartment that has laundry in the building.🤷🏻‍♀️

What would be your last meal?

A platter of jamon and some Spanish cheeses.  

What is your greatest fear?

Nothing. Not like “I fear nothing,” but that at the end of it all there’s nothing, no reincarnation, no “other place,” nada, just oblivion. Sorry, that got dark real quick. 

Which living person do you most admire?

My momma Ursula.

Where are you most likely to splurge?

Mercado Little Spain. Ya girl loves her Spanish charcuterie, what can I say?

Your worst habit?

Biting my nails.

One thing you have always wanted to do and have not yet done.

Visit where my dad grew up in Cuba.

Favorite Instagram account you think everyone should follow.

“Officially”—taxcollection, but really any Instagram that has dog or art director memes.

What’s your spirit animal?

Mr. Bubz.

Favorite Restaurant in NYC?

Butter & Scotch. I’m not sure if it counts as a restaurant, but in my mind there’s no better place than one that serves dessert & cocktails.

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