As H.K. McCann once said: "Beer is the currency of creativity and foundation of friendships."

Ok, he didn't actually say that, but regardless, we love beer and we love celebrating our people, our clients, and our heritage. So we combined them.

All of our beers are brewed by the incredible Keegan Ales in Kingston, NY. Tommy and his team have been amazing partners in this venture and we're so fortunate to have them in the McCann family.

HKs IPA.png


Inda Pale Ale // Tapped March 13, 2013

Our first staple beer, HK's IPA is an aggressively hopped India Pale Ale as intense as its namesake.

Truth Serum.png

Truth Serum

Blonde Ale // Tapped March 13, 2013

Better be careful after having a few of these! Our Truth Serum is sure to get anyone telling the truth—telling it well, of course.

Priority Postal Porter Tap Handle.png

USPS  Priority Postal Porter

Honey Porter // Tapped April 1, 2013

With USPS being our newest priority, we wanted to start the relationship off right with their very own beer.

Yummy Summy Tap Handle.png

Yummy Summy's Summer Ale

Bohemian Pilsner // Tapped June 27, 2013

Our venerable leader, Hank Summy, was moving to our sister agency, MRM, to be the president of commerce.

Stealth Stout.png

Lockheed Martin Stealth Stout

Milk Stout // Tapped October 10, 2013

To celebrate our new partnership with Lockheed Martin, we released our first stout as Stealth Stout. A milky stout with stealthy notes of coffee made this a perfect fit for the brand.

#LuckyToBeer Tap Handle.png


Belgian Witbier // Tapped October 17, 2013

Everyone is lucky to be different and so, to celebrate Spirit Day, we brewed a beer to celebrate diversity and our campaign for General Mills' #LuckyToBe initiative.

Lucky Lager_Blue.png

Lucky Lager

Lager//Tapped March 2015

 Our 2015 started where 2014 left off. Thanks to a lot of hard work we hit the jackpot and welcomed New York Lottery to McCann in style.